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deddynoer: Broadband VDSL from Indosat M2

VDSL'S technology constitute is sequel of Asymetric's digital Subscriber Line (ADSL) technology that allow data communication utilizing telephone wire infrastructure (coper) coincide with telephony service (voice).

Using internet broadband VDSL , customer will get quick internet connection with speed downstream that can reach 52 Mbps. Transmission media that is used is telephone wire (twisted pair) where is voice and data application will pass through same path. And prescribed maximum distance from VDSL / Central Office to customers up to 1,5 Km.

This following picture is VDSL'S technological configuration:

IM2'S internet broadband VDSL services, giving internet connection 24 hours non stop and sharing bandwidth with maximum speed upstream / downstream reaches 128 / 512 kbps.

Besides of that, VDSL'S technology from IM2 have Committed Access's option Rate (CAR) 50 Kbps or 32 Kbps. Customer could using it services unlimited (Unlimited Usage), and each customer will be constitutes as 1 VLAN.

Customer will also get 4 email address and 4 Publics IP Address (effective just 1 IP Address to host) and VDSL'S modem is allocable by IM2, or customer could even gets it own if doesn't want to be provided by IM2. Also, this service have no SLA to differentiate it by services Dedicated Internet.


  • Connection ‘always on '.
  • Sharing bandwidth is with maximum speed upstream / downstream 128 / 512 kbps.
  • Committed Access is Rate (CAR) 50 Kbps and 32 Kbps.
  • Unlimited Usage.
  • Each customer constitutes 1 VLAN.
  • Each customer gets 4 Public IP Address (effective just 1 IP Address to host).
  • Each customer gets 4 email address.
  • VDSL'S modem could be provided by IM2.

Equipment that needs to be provided by customer:

  • LAN (Local Area network)
  • Pair cable
  • Modem VDSL

  • Installation charge = Rp 2.000.000,- (one time charge)
  • Monthly cost: *

IM2'S product Broadband VDSL's Internet is divided up 2 options that flexible

  • Product 64 / 512, up stream's mean 64 kbps with downstream maximal 512 kbps (CAR 50 Kbps) = Rp. 2. 750. 000,-
  • Product 32 / 384, up stream's mean 32 kbps with downstream maximal 384 kbps (CAR 32 Kbps) = Rp. 1. 950. 000,-

* A maximum discount for monthly cost is 10%.