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deddynoer: Java Jazz Festival 2009


Most people conceive jazz as ‘complicated’. Its’ tunes, as do rhythms, continuously change. The musicians and singers of the genre often adopt a Quasimodo-like expression, not exactly a sight to behold. Nonetheless, that is jazz. It is full of expression.
The truth is no special trick is needed to enjoy a jazz music presentation, be it live or through a recording. Enjoying jazz is an individual appreciation. Interpreting its beauty is the ear of the beholder. For that reason, despite the numerous debates in relations to jazz as a music genre, as an art form or how it ought to be enjoyed, jazz is merely an outlet for freedom of expression. So, one may stick to one’s opinion as one wishes.

One thing for sure, jazz is an amalgamation of various musical approaches by diverse cultural backgrounds. As human beings evolve, influence and be influenced by changes from time to time, jazz also evolves. Jazz evolves through time, although some people remain devoted to its ‘genuine’ form, when it was first conceived.
Perhaps that is the cause of jazz popularity all over the world, its capability to be modified. Some people consider the ability to revel and comprehend jazz is a prestige of its own. It is no wonder that the space of Jakarta International Java Jazz Festival (JJF) is always packed solid.
The Jazz Music of Jakarta International Java Jazz Festival There is no end to the diversity of jazz music at Java Jazz Festival. Even after four years after it was first established in 2005, Java Jazz Festival still has yet to feature the various forms of jazz’s developments in Indonesia and the world. From year to year, the name Jakarta International Java Jazz Festival (known widely as Java Jazz Festival) continues to gain popularity, even amongst foreign musicians.
Over the years, more and more artists continue to stage their enthusiasm and desire to perform at Java Jazz Festival. However, Java Festival Production (the organizer of the Jakarta International Java Jazz Festival and Jakarta International Soulnation Festival) could not always fulfill all these demands. One of the reasons is the limited capacity of the venue (Jakarta Convention Center, or JCC) and also limitation in scheduling (it’s only a 3-day event). In addition, too tight of a schedule might also impede the audience capability to enjoy the well-designed program.

A Tribute for Indonesia
In 2005, Indonesia was in the midst of a financial crisis. The tsunami disaster ravaging the western part of Indonesia further enhanced less than stellar publicity on Indonesia, especially in the international world.
Java Festival Production, however, carried on with its plan to hold the first Jakarta International Java Jazz Festival on 4, 5 and 6 March 2005. Carrying out mission “Bringing the World to Indonesia”, the Festival aims to draw different kind of perspective to Indonesia. The language used, Jazz.
In reality, the review from the international musicians and public in general who attended the Jakarta International Java Jazz Festival was positive. They were satisfied and were not doubtful in stating their enthusiasm to return to the festival. A number of American musicians were even not shy in stating how different Indonesia was from the way it was portrayed by the international mass media.
In mid-2008, the financial crisis returns. This time, its effect is more widely-spread. For that reason, Java Festival Production is required to be more diligent in order to actualize the Jakarta International Java Jazz Festival 2009, established as one of Indonesia’s method of diplomacy whilst at the same time presenting quality jazz music performances for jazz lovers in Indonesia and those from all around the world.
Since the beginning, Java Festival Production aims not to be an organizer of just a regular festival, but a world-class festival, as means to promote Indonesia. Despite the many obstacles, Java Festival Production continues to persevere to hold Jakarta International Java Jazz Festival 2009, a concrete contribution to the nation’s diplomacy to the world.

On 6, 7 and 8 March 2009, Jakarta International Java Jazz Festival will be held for the fifth time. For Java Festival Production and the line-up of workers behind it the festival’s success, the fifth edition of the festival is a special occasion indeed as it was not an easy feat to organize a festival as sizeable as Java Jazz Festival.
Jakarta International Java Jazz Festival 2009 will be slightly different from the previous years. One of the special treats this year is lower ticket prices. This way, the festival becomes more accessible to all enthusiasts of Jakarta International Java Jazz Festival.
Java Festival Production also wishes to improve the quality of the performances by providing an opportunity for the performers to conduct proper sound check, to guarantee a maximum performance.
This year, Java Festival Production plans to feature, among few, Swing Out Sister, Brian McKnight, Roy Ayers, Ledisi, Simon Philips, New York Voices, Matt Bianco, Isao Suzuki, Dianne Reeves, Mike Stern, Oleta Adams, Peabo Bryson, dan Regina Carter at Jakarta International Java Jazz Festival 2009.
Start marking your calendars! Jakarta International Java Jazz Festival, 6, 7 and 8 March 2009. Take part in the Festival’s fifth celebration at Jakarta Convention Center. Attending the Jakarta International Java Jazz Festival is a part of a lifestyle.

Jakarta International Java Jazz Festival 2009, it’s a lifestyle

The artists below have confirmed their attendance to Jakarta International Java Jazz Festival 2009!, they are :

* Brian McKnight
* Matt Bianco
* Roy Ayers
* The New York Voices
* Swing Out Sister
* Kamal Musallam
* Isao Suzuki
* Ledisi
* Simon Philips
* Jason Mraz

To order online, please go to: www.javajazzfestival.com

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