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deddynoer: HUGE New FEEDJIT Version launched

Moments ago we launched a new version of FEEDJIT that we’ve been quietly working on for months - which is why this blog has been so quiet. It has some incredible new features but the most exciting one is simply this:

We are sending your blog new Visitors!

Tonight we launched the Geoblogosphere. It lets you see which FEEDJIT blogs are popular in your city or any city, state or country in the world. If your blog is popular in your town it will appear in the Geoblogosphere for your area.

FEEDJIT is used by hundreds of thousands of bloggers world-wide. And across all those sites we track hundreds of Millions of readers. So a few months ago we decided to shove all that data into a database and ask it a simple question: What are people reading in my city today? And the answer we got was incredible! When fires were raging in California we discovered a Fireman’s blog with satellite photos of the fire. When the Seattle Sea-Fair was on, the most popular blog in Seattle was about the Hydro Races.

We’ve added a few controls on the right side that help you find local blogs you’re interested in.

Check out the Language Filter. Try setting it to a foreign language for a US city or state and you might be surprised at what you find.

If you’d like to see what people are reading within 10 miles of you, change the radius from 60 miles down to 10. You may find a few neighbors who blog.

In the interests of keeping our site child safe, we’ve included an Adult Filter which is enabled by default.

The second major new feature is:

You can now use the Live Traffic Feed Anywhere!

We launched a new version of the Live Traffic Feed tonight that works anywhere. Literally, anywhere you can paste an image tag. You no longer need your own domain and if your blog host doesn’t allow Flash or Javascript than that’s fine too! The widget is an image that we generate dynamically on our servers each time you load it. So it’ll run anywhere you can put an image.

We got a lot of requests for this from folks on Wordpress.com, MySpace.com and Microsoft’s Live Spaces, so it’s here!

Just like our Javascript Traffic Feed, the Image Traffic Feed widget is fully customizable.

Best of all it includes FEEDJIT Live. Once you’ve installed it, simply click the widget to watch people arrive on your site in real-time.

We hope you enjoy the new features and we’d love to hear your feedback. Let us know what you think by sending us a message on our Contact Page.

If you’re new to Feedjit, Feedjit Live is the real-time component of Feedjit’s live traffic feed. We’re currently testing it and will be announcing it on the home page in the coming weeks. Click “watch in real-time” at the bottom of the live traffic feed to see Feedjit live. You can visit Feedjit’s own real-time traffic stream here.

We rolled out a few bug fixes and improvements to Feedjit Live this evening. You’ll notice the ads are gone. We’ve removed them for now because a few users reported that they were interfering with the way the Feed worked and causing it to not load occasionally. We’ve also fixed:

  • A few missing flags,
  • International characters in locations
  • A bug that caused the feed to freeze if the title of the landing page contained certain characters

Please let us know if you have any more feedback, suggestions or bug reports by emailing us at support@feedjit.com.

Have a great week and we hope you enjoy the new visitors FEEDJIT sends you.